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From left to right: Claire (drums, piano), Libby (guitar, backing vocals) and Charlotte (lead vocals, bass). 

We are Desensitised! A rock band from Nottingham, UK. Our latest singles from album 'Sister Psychosis' have been featured on BBC Introducing, Kerrang! Radio and Planet Rock. 

We've been best friends since school, hijacking the music block together, skipping lessons to stream Green Day concerts on the overhead projector... 'borrowing' amps under cover of darkness for weekend gigs just to sneak them back in before the bell rang on Monday morning. There's been some interesting journeys on the bus ride home! 

(What?! We looked after them! Apart from the one bass amp we set a little bit on fire...)

The  adventures never stop with us- we love going on road trips across the country

to tour our latest stuff. Sometimes we all squish in the car, equipment stacked to the rafters, with Charlotte leading the in-house car disco as resident DJ 'Big Bad C-Rad' which she is rather good at, but it impedes on her skills as an attentive co-pilot. Invariably DJ 'Crap Nav' will attempt to send us down a bus lane or some sketchy alley where we have to put the child lock on... or for some reason, 9 times out of 10 we go home via... Rotherham?Other times we put on a Band Bus and fill it with friends and fans and sing all the way home until Libby or the driver or Claire's dad just can't bear it for another hundred miles! And, we just never stop laughing! Guaranteed we will stop at the service station in our animal onesies for a midnight Maccie D's!


One of our favourite things to do is to go on Band Camp and write, write, write... and go to the pub. And in-between writing and the pub, we go exploring: we'll climb mountains or go kayaking, go looking to find some ancient magical stone circles, or a plague village and several suspect alpacas. This one time, on Band Camp, Charlotte sang karaoke at the pub on the campsite, and the landlord recorded it, then Charlotte woke us up the next morning playing it through the car radio. I think it was a Cher cover. C-H-E-R. Cher at the crack of dawn in a field. 

We've got lots of things in the pipeline for the next few months with new video releases, new merch and new songs, so make sure you're following our social media pages to keep up with the latest! And... we're working on album number 2! Make sure you're part of the journey because we like fans to feel fully involved- just look through the Sister Psychosis album art to find fan photos!


We can't wait to be back in the studio recording, it's just magical. Sound Hub did an amazing job of bringing Sister Psychosis to life last time, so we're so excited to be going back. Plus, they have a studio dog; he eats from the bin, but he's a good boy.